About me

Over the last decade, I have built and scaled go-to-market engines, sales orgs and revenue at disruptive SaaS, Deep tech and HR tech companies.

My most recent experience was to build and scale the unicorn and hyper growth company Remote.

I'm also a huge advocate for the future of work - how the world of work is evolving and all the opportunities it brings to people around the world to build a better life and access job opportunities.

My results:

→ Built, hired and led the EMEA team and market for Remote from 0-$30M ARR

→ In July 2021 we became a unicorn, and in April 2022 Remote was valued to $3 billion

→ EMEA was Remote’s best performing market and team

→ From 2 sales reps to a team of 87 people across 22 countries - we all worked remotely

→ Built a scalable and repeatable sales process and business model

→ Today I publish 2 FREE weekly newsletters: The Future of Work and Huntrs (85,000+ subscribers)

→ I’ve built a 100% inbound business during 2023 through organic content

→ I’ve built an audience of 162,000+ followers, with 82 million+ impressions, and I teach others how they can do the same

→ During the last 18 months I've built a 6-figure ($) business through organic content

When I coach founders, I teach them how to build efficient, profitable revenue growth, how to go to market the new way, and have a relentless focus on the customer, team, speed, execution, brand & culture.

And build an ecosystem around their company.

Previous go-to-market experience:

→ Global hiring - hire anyone, anywhere in the world

→ Strongest material in the world

→ Digital transformation of HR

→ Nano surfaces optimization

→ Call tracking

In May 2023 I started Huntrs, and today I help founders to grow their business, sales pipeline and personal brand.

Hanna Larsson

CEO & Founder