Building audience and brand to fuel business growth

Personal branding program

Work 1:1 with me and learn how to build an audience on LinkedIn and monetize your traffic to fuel your company with revenue growth.  

The agenda

During the program we work together for 1-2 months.
This is what we go through.

1st call

your goal, Content & Formats

We are living in the attention economy - what does that mean and how can you leverage from it?
We focus on defining what you want to achieve with posting on LinkedIn

We discuss who you are going to write for and your positioning

We look at what makes some people build audience faster & more effective than others

We do a profile audit, we go through hashtags, frequency and brand pillars
We look at what content to share and how to build your audience
Why you can't just educate, you need to also entertain and inspire
What you also get:
  • The deck that we go through during our sessions
  • Ask me questions in the calls and between sessions

  • You will get a home work between session one and two
  • You can reach out for support between sessions through the LinkedIn chat
  • You will also get access to the guide: "How to turn your profile into a landing page"

2nd call

Tactics & Best Practices

Content that works best on LinkedIn
How to write content for LinkedIn
19 Hooks
Do’s and Don’ts
The content flywheel

The formula: how to convert traffic to revenue

The components of viral content and what we can learn from it
Examples of great content (formats) that works on LinkedIn that you can tailor and use for your content
All of my best practices & how I built an audience from 6k to 126k with 76+ million impressions
How to build your system
How to stand out from the crowd
How to succeed when most people give up
After this call you will start creating your own content
I will support your posts with engagement to boost your reach during the program (if your content resonates with my brand)

3rd call

Evaluate & Improve

After 6-8 weeks, we look at your posts together
What went well, what can be improved and what should you do more of
We go through how you can use data and analytics on LinkedIn
We address all of your questions 
I'm looking forward to start working with you!




CEO & Founder @ The Virtual Hub
Hanna is exceptional to work with. Her ability to focus on the things that matter and drive strategy are extremely valuable. She just gets the startup to scale up journey!


CEO & FOUNDER @ Commsor
Hanna is incredible - not only is she a total joy to talk to, she's been an incredible resource in helping me brainstorm and build a strategy to be more intentional and active on LinkedIn. Best hypewoman ever.


CEO & Founder @ Fractional Executive
Ready to level up your LinkedIn game and turn your network into revenue? Take Hanna's Personal Branding Program and unleash your inner boss.


CEO & FOUNDER @ Talent embassy
I have been consistently impressed by Hanna's knowledge and insights, and I am grateful for all of the help and guidance she has provided. Every conversation I have had with Hanna is extremely valuable.


I joined Hanna's 1:1 personal branding program and I did not regret it! Hanna shared her precious experience with me and provided me important insights on how to build my personal brand on LinkedIn. Hanna was extremely supportive during the entire program and I can tell she is genuinely interested in helping people and want to see them succeed!


Working with Hanna Larsson on the Personal Branding Program has been an absolute game-changer for me. The program was incredibly well-structured, with clear steps and actionable advice that helped me to develop my Personal Branding in a way that felt authentic to me. Hanna was always there to offer guidance and support when I needed it, and I felt like she genuinely cared about my success.


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